Never Trust a Guy in an Entry-Level BMW

A house in our development recently went up for sale. The owner of the property, a mid-fifties father of two and entry-level BMW owner was outside taking pictures. He waxed sentimental, about all the fond memories he had in the home before boasting that he was upgrading to a mansion in a nearby neighborhood. I never thought twice about his story until three days later when another neighbor had a very different version to tell. The neighbor, whose husband was good friends with Mr. Entry-Level Beemer, said that the family was not upgrading at all. In fact, Mr. Entry-Level Beemer was downsizing to a condo since his youngest child was headed off to college. It seemed Mr. Entry-Level Beemer was fronting. Continue reading “Never Trust a Guy in an Entry-Level BMW”

Fight the Frump!

One of my favorite characters on the BRAVO reality show, Southern Charm is matriarch Patricia Altschul. The caftan-clad, cocktail-loving, southern belle delivers the best one-liners and humorous commentary on the sad state of affairs of the next generation. Last season, she attempted to mentor Landon Clements, a young-ish divorcee on the hunt for husband number #2. Patricia claimed that the reason many young women struggle to find good men is a lack of attention to their appearance. Patricia states, “Women today look like they’ve been shot out of a cannon.” Continue reading “Fight the Frump!”