Does Manifesting Work?


I have always been intrigued by the idea of manifesting, or the ability to harness one’s thoughts in order to attract happiness, wealth, health or anything else that you want to materialize. Practitioners of manifestation use gratitude, vision boards, journaling, and a strict regimen of monitoring thoughts to tap into the positive vibration of the universe and thus bring their dreams to reality. Another way to think of it is using your imagination to create your ideal reality. Rhonda Byrne famously brought the concept, which she called the Law of Attraction, to the mainstream with her best-selling book The Secret.  But does manifesting really work? And how does the average Joe tap into the goodness that the universe has to offer? Continue reading “Does Manifesting Work?”

Never Trust a Guy in an Entry-Level BMW

A house in our development recently went up for sale. The owner of the property, a mid-fifties father of two and entry-level BMW owner was outside taking pictures. He waxed sentimental, about all the fond memories he had in the home before boasting that he was upgrading to a mansion in a nearby neighborhood. I never thought twice about his story until three days later when another neighbor had a very different version to tell. The neighbor, whose husband was good friends with Mr. Entry-Level Beemer, said that the family was not upgrading at all. In fact, Mr. Entry-Level Beemer was downsizing to a condo since his youngest child was headed off to college. It seemed Mr. Entry-Level Beemer was fronting. Continue reading “Never Trust a Guy in an Entry-Level BMW”

Fight the Frump!

One of my favorite characters on the BRAVO reality show, Southern Charm is matriarch Patricia Altschul. The caftan-clad, cocktail-loving, southern belle delivers the best one-liners and humorous commentary on the sad state of affairs of the next generation. Last season, she attempted to mentor Landon Clements, a young-ish divorcee on the hunt for husband number #2. Patricia claimed that the reason many young women struggle to find good men is a lack of attention to their appearance. Patricia states, “Women today look like they’ve been shot out of a cannon.” Continue reading “Fight the Frump!”